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Hello, and welcome to my Campaign Blog.


Details about the Council of Governors, and the forthcoming elections can be found here: GSTT Council of Governors – Non Clinical Staff

Eligible voters will all have received ballot papers by now. The closing date for  your votes is noon, Friday 7th of June, but allowing time for post means Wednesday 5th is probably your last opportunity to have your say

So, why should I vote for you?

The reason I am standing in this election is to  promote the free and open access for all GSTT staff, not just non-clinical, to Social Media tools. I recognise that this will constitute a sea-change for the Trust, which is why there needs to be at least one member of the Governors Council pushing for it consistently and knowledgeably.

Below is a list of what I think the Trust should aspire to in terms of Social Media engagement & encouragement – comments welcomed

This is quite an agenda, and I  don’t want anyone to believe that by voting for me these proposals will automatically come about. If you choose to support me it will be to place a person in favour of these aspirations on the Council of Governors, to make the case for embracing the present in the interests of staff and patients and to lead other NHS organisations into the future.

Finally, I’d like to ask anyone who has found their way to this blog that is eligible to vote: please do so. There is one other candidate standing for this post  and I encourage you to discover what their views are and choose between us according to your preferences (as you no doubt will).

Whatever your choice please vote – and encourage others to do the same. The more non-clinical staff that participate in this election, the stronger the voice of the individual elected will be. The many invisible hands that keep GSTT running day-to-day are vital to its continued success, and should participate fully in helping to shape the future direction of the organisation that not only puts food on our tables but also provides the essential healthcare services that our community depends upon. Please add your voice and encourage others to do the same.

You can communicate with me by leaving a comment on this blog, following me on Twitter @brynrwilliams, using the #CoGElections2013 hashtag or  connecting with me on LinkedIn

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