For GSTT to set London example of best use of Social Media in healthcare


Hello again. Voting starts this morning for the Guy’s & St Thomas’  Clinical Governor (non-clinical staff).  In these posts I explain a little bit more about what I would  like to see prioritised by the board in the coming months and years.

Things are changing fast in the NHS – even faster than usual. GSTT’s Fit for the Future project, launched on Monday 13th, requires us to work smarter and think leaner. The aim is to secure the Trust for the challenges that are to come from an increasingly competitive market and a rapidly changing age demographic.

The opportunities offered by taking a lead in the (not so) new technologies driving Social Media are huge. Building relationships with the community in ways that have long been talked about but have never really been achievable in the past. Delivering new digital services, responding quickly to problems and getting a much clearer picture of the needs of our patients are all prizes waiting to be taken.

With your support, I intend to deliver this message at the highest level of the Trust. I believe we can be leaders in the field. For all of us who like to boast that we work in the best Trust in London, continuing and expanding our digital profile across the capital and beyond will only strengthen that claim.

If you share this view, or would like to discuss it more, please get in touch through the following routes: leave a comment on this blog, tweet to me on twitter @brynrwilliams, use the #CoGElections2013 hashtag or  connect with me on LinkedIn

And please if you don’t vote for me – Do vote for someone. The more we participate the louder our voice.

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