Some things are just too heavy for Superman to lift

Ahh..reblogging a bit lately rather than posting – sorry, but while I try to find a protected hour here’s an important contribution to the debate on Leadership in the NHS which recognises that everyone can contribute (and many do) to ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients and communities.

Rob Webster

Heroic leadership has had its day. It is a notion that doesn’t work in complex systems. It can also have dangerous side effects. From major corporate failures in the US to tinpot dictatorships. Commentators and researchers such as Beverly Almo-Metcalfe have been suggesting this for some time and that a new approach to leadership is more effective in the 21st Century. One that focuses on distributed leadership, underpinned by core values such as dignity, respect and trust.

Not everyone agrees. The Health Service Journal probably reflects the chatter around the NHS as it seems to constantly question where a new Superman will come from to rescue NHS England and, by some feat of heroism, the whole of the NHS. Who will this new Superman be, they seem to ask, who will wrestle the monsters of demand, cost effectiveness, fragmentation into submission?

My advice. Stop looking  – as the Flaming Lips once wrote:

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